Feel your body and mind awaken to the power within you. Let pleasure lead you to new visions life.

I am sought out for my loving openness and acceptance of all that you are. Together we create a safe container that

Have you experience a major shift in your life that has rattled your whole sense of self?

Do you have a primary relationship in your life that drains you of all your energy?

Do you find yourself wondering if this is it?

Is your connection to those around you flat, lacking what you see others having?

Do you stay in your head thinking of baseball trying to not climax before your partner? Premature or quick ejaculation is one of the most common seeker questions.

Do your genitals not respond to your desires consistently? Erectile dysfunction or limited function

Do your sexual arousal bring you shame or discomfort? Or does your partner shame your kink?

Do you want to explore the world of kink and learn what’s out there?

Sessions and coaching are created around your specific needs, the sacred space created together allows for the fullest expression of you.  Each session is tailored to your needs and desires for growth and healing and exploration.  Sessions can include elements of eye gazing, breathwork, consent/pleasure mapping, communication coaching, emotional release techniques, aspecting, tantric massage, reiki energy healing, tantric energy healing.

All sessions are one way touch with the practioner fully clothed, unless otherwise indicated.

waken to the power within you. Let pleasure lead you to new visions life.

Services for Men

Sacred sexual healing
  • (90 min) 3 hours C$400
Intimacy coach
  • (90 min) (online)
‘Should I stay or should I go’ Analysis
  • (3*90 min) (online)
Thrive in the dating world
  • (90 min) (online)