Connect your body and heart and feel your vital energy pulse. Release old stories no longer serving you

Betty Dobson’s vision of bringing pleasure to the world of women is one that I whole heartedly embrace.  Before my marriage ended I could achieve one orgasm, one way with my breath held and legs arrow straight after 30+ minutes of stimulation.  I had never looked at my vulva nor admitted my then shame filled sexual desires to husband.  Oh how life has changed.

Today I work with women looking to bring colour to blah and grey- toned lives.  Through breath and sound we begin the process of opening.  Your body is a reflection of your state of consciousness.  The traumas and dramas of life are stored within.   They can cause symptom like

-lowered to non-existent libido


-Difficulty to orgasm

-menstral cramps and menopause difficulties

-lack of lubrication and/or painful sex

Through reconnection to your body, disassociation of self can end.  Becoming fully embodied and releasing the stuck emotions and begin the journey reclaiming your body wisdom.  Orgasm is never the goal, exploration of pleasure and reclaiming your body is the ultimate achievement, though it may be a by-product and with the continuation of tantric practice your body may learn the pleasure of multiple orgasms.

Coaching sessions focus on the principle that our soul knows the answer, the right question is the key.  Exploring the knowing within your body and using energy reading tools to discover your deepest desires. Releasing energy blocks and triggers as they arise in session and daily life. Live the fullest expression of you, every moment.

Services for Women

Intimacy coaching
  • (90 min) (Online)
Sacred sexual healing with Yoni massage
  • (90 min) 3 hours C$400
Self Pleasure Introduction 
  • (90 min)
The art of giving pleasure to male bodies
  • (90 min)
‘Should I stay or should I go’ Analysis
  • (3*90 min) (online)
Thrive in the dating world
  • (90 min) (online)